Best Toys for Maine Coons

Top Toy Picks for Your Maine Coon Cat

Maine Coon cats are beloved for their impressive size, intelligence, and playful nature. As a responsible cat owner, it’s essential to provide them with toys that are not only durable but also interactive and stimulating. In this article, we will explore the best toy picks for Maine Coon cats, taking into consideration their unique needs and preferences.

Key Takeaways:

  • Choosing the right toys for your Maine Coon cat is crucial for their overall well-being.
  • Durable toys are essential to withstand the strength and energy of Maine Coons.
  • Interactive toys help keep your Maine Coon engaged and mentally stimulated.
  • Stimulating toys satisfy Maine Coon’s natural instincts, promoting a happy and active lifestyle.
  • Top toy picks for Maine Coon cats include interactive puzzles, feather toys, and climbing structures.

Things to Consider When Choosing Toys for Maine Coons

Before selecting toys for your Maine Coon cat, there are several factors to consider. These include the type of play your cat enjoys, the durability of the toy, the materials used in its construction, potential safety hazards, the size of the toy, whether it requires batteries, the avoidance of household items, and your budget. Taking these factors into account will help you choose the best toys that are safe, engaging, and suitable for your Maine Coon cat.

Type of Play

Understanding the type of play that your Maine Coon cat enjoys is essential in selecting the right toys. Some cats prefer active play, such as chasing or pouncing, while others may prefer interactive or puzzle toys that stimulate their mental abilities.


Maine Coon cats are known for their strength and size, so it’s important to choose toys that can withstand their play. Look for toys made from durable materials that can endure rough play without easily breaking or falling apart.


Ensure that the toys you choose for your Maine Coon cat are made from safe and non-toxic materials. Avoid toys with small parts that could be easily swallowed or cause choking hazards.

Safety Hazards

Check for any potential safety hazards, such as loose strings, sharp edges, or small detachable parts that could pose a risk to your cat. Opt for toys that are specifically designed with cat safety in mind.


Consider the size of the toys in relation to your Maine Coon cat’s size. Larger toys may be more suitable for their larger paws and stronger jaws, while smaller toys might pose a choking hazard.


If choosing electronic toys, be mindful of whether they require batteries. Ensure that the battery compartments are securely closed to prevent your cat from accessing them and potentially ingesting harmful substances.

Avoid Household Items

Avoid using household items as toys for your Maine Coon cat. Items such as rubber bands, yarn, or small plastic objects can be dangerous if swallowed and may cause intestinal blockages.


Consider your budget when choosing toys for your Maine Coon cat. While it’s important to invest in high-quality and durable toys, there are a variety of options available at different price points to suit your budget.

Taking these factors into consideration will help you select the perfect toys that will provide entertainment, exercise, and stimulation for your Maine Coon cat, ensuring they have a happy and healthy playtime.

Large Scratching Posts for Maine Coons

Maine Coon cats have natural scratching instincts, making it important to provide them with appropriate scratching surfaces. Large scratching posts are an ideal choice for Maine Coons as they allow them to fully stretch their bodies and engage in healthy scratching behavior.

When selecting a scratching post for your Maine Coon, opt for a durable and tall design. Durable scratching posts can withstand the strong scratching force of Maine Coons, ensuring longevity and value for money. Additionally, taller scratching posts allow your cat to reach their full height while scratching, providing a more satisfying experience.

large scratching posts

Benefits of Sisal Scratching Posts

Sisal scratching posts are especially effective in satisfying the scratching needs of Maine Coons. Sisal is a natural fiber that cats are naturally attracted to, and it provides an excellent texture for scratching. By offering a sisal scratching post, you can redirect your Maine Coon’s scratching behavior away from your furniture, protecting it from damage.

The Importance of Providing Adequate Scratching Surfaces

It is important to provide appropriate scratching surfaces for your Maine Coon to prevent furniture damage and promote healthy scratching behavior. Offering a variety of scratching options, such as large scratching posts, will help fulfill their natural instincts and keep them engaged and happy. By providing suitable scratching surfaces, you can create a harmonious living environment for both you and your Maine Coon.

Benefits of Large Scratching Posts Benefits of Sisal Scratching Posts
  • Allows full body stretch
  • Promotes healthy scratching behavior
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Prevents furniture damage
  • Natural and attractive material
  • Ideal texture for scratching
  • Redirects scratching behavior away from furniture

Interactive Toys for Engaging Playtime with Maine Coons

Interactive toys are essential for providing engaging playtime for Maine Coon cats. These toys not only entertain your furry friend but also promote mental stimulation, combat boredom, and strengthen the bond between you and your beloved pet.

Puzzle Toys

Puzzle toys are a great way to challenge your Maine Coon’s problem-solving skills. These toys typically have hidden treats or compartments that require your cat to figure out how to get to the reward. This interactive activity engages your cat’s mind and keeps them mentally sharp.

Promote Mental Stimulation

Electronic toys are another excellent option for promoting mental stimulation. These toys often feature moving parts or sounds that capture your cat’s attention and encourage them to play. They provide hours of entertainment and keep your Maine Coon mentally engaged.

Feather Toys

Maine Coons are known for their love of chasing and pouncing. Feather toys mimic the movements of prey and trigger your cat’s hunting instincts. These interactive toys provide physical exercise and mental stimulation while satisfying your Maine Coon’s natural hunting behaviors.

Wand Toys

Wand toys are a favorite among Maine Coons and their owners. These toys consist of a long stick with an enticing toy attached to the end. You can move the toy around, mimicking the movements of prey, and watch as your cat leaps and tries to catch it. Wand toys promote interactive playtime and help strengthen the bond between you and your Maine Coon.

By providing a variety of interactive toys, you can keep your Maine Coon entertained, mentally stimulated, and physically active. These toys provide the perfect outlet for your cat’s energy and instincts, ensuring a happy and healthy feline companion.

Interactive Toys for Maine Coons

Toy Type Description
Puzzle Toys Challenging toys with hidden treats or compartments to stimulate problem-solving skills.
Electronic Toys Toys with moving parts or sounds that capture your cat’s attention and provide mental stimulation.
Feather Toys Toys that mimic the movements of prey to engage your Maine Coon’s hunting instincts.
Wand Toys Toys with a long stick and an enticing attachment for interactive play and bonding.

Climbing and Perching Toys for Active Maine Coons

Maine Coon cats have a natural instinct for climbing and perching, and providing them with suitable toys can enrich their environment and satisfy their innate needs. Cat trees and cat towers are excellent options for fulfilling their climbing desires. These toys are designed with sturdy construction, multiple levels, and comfortable resting spots, making them perfect for active Maine Coons.

With their elevated viewpoints, cat trees and towers allow your Maine Coon to observe their surroundings from a safe and secure vantage point. This not only provides mental stimulation but also enhances their sense of security. Additionally, these toys offer your cat the opportunity to exercise and stretch their muscles, promoting their physical well-being.

To ensure a positive experience for your Maine Coon, choose climbing and perching toys that are durable and of high quality. Look for features such as sisal scratching posts, cozy platforms, and interactive elements to further engage your feline friend. Investing in climbing and perching toys will not only cater to their natural instincts but also provide them with a comfortable and stimulating environment.

climbing toys

Toys for Dental Health and Hygiene Maintenance for Maine Coons

Maintaining dental health and hygiene is crucial for the overall well-being of your Maine Coon cat. Regular brushing and dental care are essential in preventing gum disease, tooth decay, and promoting fresh breath. To ensure optimum dental hygiene, a multi-pronged approach that includes pet toothpaste, a pet dental kit, and additional dental toys or treats can be highly beneficial.

The pet toothpaste is specifically formulated for cats and helps to remove plaque and tartar buildup. It is important to use toothpaste specifically designed for pets, as human toothpaste can be harmful if ingested by cats. The pet toothpaste comes in flavors that are appealing to cats, making the brushing experience more enjoyable for your furry friend.

Using a pet dental kit can greatly simplify the brushing process. Dental kits usually consist of a toothbrush and finger brush. The toothbrush has bristles that are designed for cats’ sensitive gums and teeth. The finger brush is a gentle alternative for cats who are not comfortable with the traditional toothbrush. Regular brushing with a pet dental kit helps to remove food particles, bacteria, and plaque from your cat’s teeth, preventing dental issues and maintaining good oral health.

In addition to regular brushing, incorporating dental toys or treats into your Maine Coon’s routine can further promote dental hygiene maintenance. These toys and treats are designed to be chewed on, which helps to clean the teeth and massage the gums, reducing the likelihood of gum disease and maintaining a healthy mouth.

Benefits of a Multi-Pronged Approach to Feline Dental Care

A multi-pronged approach to dental care for Maine Coon cats can provide additional benefits beyond regular brushing. Incorporating water additives and gel toothpaste into your cat’s routine can contribute to optimal oral health. Water additives are added to your cat’s drinking water and help to freshen breath and reduce plaque buildup. Gel toothpaste can be used in conjunction with regular brushing to further enhance the effectiveness of dental care.

The multi-pronged approach to dental care ensures that your Maine Coon receives comprehensive oral hygiene maintenance, reducing the risk of dental issues and promoting fresh breath. By combining regular brushing with pet toothpaste and dental kits, along with the use of dental toys or treats, you are taking proactive steps to safeguard your cat’s dental health.

Pet Dental Care Benefits
Regular brushing with pet toothpaste Removes plaque and tartar buildup
Use of a pet dental kit Simplifies the brushing process, removes food particles, bacteria, and plaque
Incorporation of dental toys or treats Cleans teeth, massages gums, reduces the risk of gum disease
Water additives and gel toothpaste Enhances dental care by freshening breath and reducing plaque buildup

Water and Feeding Toys for Maine Coons

Maine Coons require clean and fresh water as well as hygienic feeding options. To meet their needs, consider incorporating the following toys and tools into your cat’s daily routine:

Cat Water Fountains

Ensure a constant supply of clean and fresh water with cat water fountains. These innovative devices not only provide your Maine Coon with a steady stream of water but also reduce the risk of contamination. The flowing water entices cats to drink more, promoting hydration and overall well-being.

Elevated Feeding Bowls

Elevated feeding bowls offer a hygienic and comfortable dining experience for your Maine Coon. They promote healthy digestion and reduce strain on your cat’s neck and joints. Elevated bowls are particularly beneficial for larger breeds like Maine Coons, as they encourage proper posture during mealtimes.

Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes

Make litter box maintenance hassle-free with self-cleaning litter boxes. These innovative devices automatically remove waste, ensuring a clean and odor-free environment for your Maine Coon. With replaceable filters, these litter boxes help contain odors and minimize the need for daily scooping.

Large Hooded Litter Trays

For Maine Coons, who may require more space, large hooded litter trays are highly recommended. These trays provide ample room for your cat to move around comfortably while also offering privacy. The hoods help contain odors, preventing them from spreading throughout your home.

Cat Litter Trapping Mats

To keep your floors clean and litter-free, invest in cat litter trapping mats. These mats capture loose litter as your Maine Coon exits the litter box, reducing tracking and mess. Simply shake out the trapped litter or vacuum it up for easy maintenance.

By incorporating cat water fountains, elevated feeding bowls, self-cleaning litter boxes, large hooded litter trays, and cat litter trapping mats, you can create a healthier and more comfortable living environment for your Maine Coon.


When it comes to choosing the best toys for your Maine Coon cat, it’s important to consider their unique needs and preferences. By opting for durable and interactive toys, you can provide engaging playtime that promotes mental and physical stimulation while satisfying their natural instincts.

The top toy picks discussed in this article offer a range of options suitable for Maine Coon cats. These toys are designed to withstand the strong play and rough playstyle of Maine Coons, ensuring they last longer and provide endless entertainment.

Investing in the right toys for your Maine Coon will not only keep them happy and entertained but also contribute to their overall well-being. By providing them with engaging toys, you can keep them mentally stimulated, physically active, and promote a healthier lifestyle.

So, whether it’s puzzle toys, scratching posts, interactive toys, or climbing structures, make sure to choose the best toys for your Maine Coon cat. With these toys, you can provide hours of fun and excitement for your feline friend, while also ensuring their mental and physical needs are fully met.


What are the best toys for Maine Coon cats?

The best toys for Maine Coon cats are durable, interactive, and stimulating. Options include puzzle toys, electronic toys, feather toys, and wand toys.

What should I consider when choosing toys for Maine Coons?

When choosing toys for Maine Coons, consider factors such as the type of play your cat enjoys, durability, materials, safety hazards, size, batteries, avoiding household items, and your budget.

Why are large scratching posts important for Maine Coons?

Large scratching posts are important for Maine Coons because they allow the cats to fully stretch their bodies and engage in healthy scratching behavior. Sisal scratching posts are particularly effective in preventing furniture damage.

What are some interactive toys for engaging playtime with Maine Coons?

Interactive toys such as puzzle toys, electronic toys, feather toys, and wand toys are great options for engaging playtime with Maine Coons. These toys promote mental stimulation and combat boredom.

What climbing and perching toys are suitable for Maine Coons?

Cat trees and towers with sturdy construction, multiple levels, and comfortable resting spots are ideal for satisfying Maine Coons’ natural climbing instincts. These toys provide elevated viewpoints and promote physical exercise.

How can I maintain dental health and hygiene for my Maine Coon?

Regular brushing with pet toothpaste and dental kits, along with the use of water additives and gel toothpaste, can help maintain dental health for Maine Coon cats. Dental toys and treats can also promote dental hygiene maintenance.

What water and feeding toys are recommended for Maine Coons?

Cat water fountains and elevated feeding bowls are recommended to ensure a constant supply of clean water and reduce contamination risks. Self-cleaning litter boxes, large hooded litter trays with replaceable filters, and cat litter trapping mats also contribute to a healthier and more comfortable living environment for Maine Coons.

Why is it important to choose the right toys for Maine Coons?

Choosing the right toys for Maine Coons is essential to promote their mental and physical well-being. These toys satisfy their natural instincts, provide mental and physical stimulation, and contribute to a happy and healthy cat.

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